Lords of the Drunken Pirate Crew

In the year 2011, a mighty wave rose up from 'neath the blue oceans and upon that wave came a scourge of the seas, the drunkest pirates ever to sail! The pirates had set forth on an epic quest to drink booze and plunder booty from everyone they came across!


They christened their crew the Lords of the Drunken Pirate Crew and set about gathering the meanest, drunkest, most furious pirates to sail wit' them and drink all the booze in the world! The ways have been perilous, losing many a crewmate to Poseidon's wrath, silly noodle battles, and alcohol poisoning, but the crew rages on to bring their shanties to all corners of the earth.


If ye happen to come across these pirates, for a spot of ale, a jug of rum, and mayhaps some booty from your private stock, they'll play ye some tales of battles and the adventures which piracy brings!


So grab your noodles, grab your hooks, and your peg-legs and get ready to jig and fight, because these pirates be takin' ye by storm! YARRRR!!!

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